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IKEA, a furniture company, was founded as a small mail-order catalog. It is now growing as a global furniture brand that is trusted and loved by people all around the globe. IKEA has a promoting culture that is built upon unity, enthusiasm, and a friendly attitude. IKEA offers a mind-blowing variety of products such as furniture, textiles, rugs, lighting, and even food.

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Quality Workmanship is Always Guaranteed when it comes to providing services.

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We have a vast amount of experience in working with the IKEA's Sektion kitchen system. The modern technologies behind the design, will certainly wow your guests.

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Why hire Drakon Construction?

Drakon Construction is the most trusted and affordable kitchen installation company in Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, North York, and Scarborough. Our employees have a wide experience in installing IKEA kitchen cabinets. Our Expert IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installer are Best in Town.

Buying IKEA kitchen cabinets is not the end of the journey to your beautiful kitchen. After buying products, the crucial step is to correctly install them. Although all IKEA kitchen cabinets come with an easy to understand user manual that can be used to install their products. But it is not just about the installation that is required to be done perfectly. 

Professional IKEA Assembly Services in Toronto

Home Designing:

To furnish any home, the first step is to assemble the required products. IKEA assembly services From Drakon Construction offers you home designing and assembly services at a minimal rate. Our professional designers will guide you about the correct positioning of your products specifically according to your available area. After that, our expert assemblers will carry out all the assembly tasks.

Product Assembly:

The most widely demanded IKEA assembly services is product assembly. We have assembled thousands of products in Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, North York, and Scarborough. From beds, tables, wardrobes, dining tables to cots, and chairs, we can assemble everything that you can name. besides these day to day products, we also offer IKEA assembly services for unique products like garden sheds, playgrounds, clotheslines, fitness equipment, basketball hoops, game tables, and much more.

If you have any inquiries about the type of product to be assembled, contact our dedicated customer care staff and would be happy to help you.


Nothing can be worse than a piece of furniture that does not fit. Our IKEA assembly services also include measurements for the specific furniture. This service is of crucial importance because depending on your available area, you need to decide the type of furniture that you need to buy. Therefore, before investing your money in decoration, furnishing, or planning anything, it is recommended to always measure your available space.

Taking these measurements can be stressful and cumbersome. But you do not need to worry about it anymore! Our staff from IKEA assembly services got that all covered for you. Our expert assemblers are trained to measure your space effectively.

Pickup and Delivery:

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for you to take your product from the shop to its destination. Therefore, we also offer pickup and delivery services to our clients. In this way, from your pickup to installation, we can manage each and every step for you.

Fastening and installation:

It can be very hectic for most people to analyze the right style and techniques for hanging different decoration items. Our IKEA assembly services also include fastening your bookshelves, frames, wardrobes to your walls. We also guide you to place your equipment in a way that is safer, and they have minimum chances of tipping over.

Product Disassembling:

Whether you are moving your home or want to change the settings of your home, the need for dissembling your beds, wardrobes, or dressers is always there. These tasks can be dreading because if they are not done the right way, they can even destroy your products completely. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you out. All you need to do is to contact our IKEA assembly services staff and we will cover the rest for you.

We have a keen focus on customer satisfaction. Our experts will professionally understand your preferences and will propose a design that perfectly matches your criteria. We also have dedicated and trained customer care staff who ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. If you are looking for a hassle-free service, feel free to contact us now!

Our employees are trained to work in an organized manner. They make sure to step by step follow the IKEA kitchen installation manual so that you can easily claim your 25-year warranty. Our experts always double-check every step to provide you with the best IKEA installation services.

Buying IKEA Kitchen cabinets can sometimes prove to be a burden on your packet. After that choosing the right installation services, that are trustworthy and affordable, is an hectic and stressful task. Our IKEA kitchen installation services are affordable and convenient. By choosing our services, you can never feel a burden on your pocket.

Our 20 years’ experience in IKEA kitchen installation ensures that you will get perfectly installed products. Our dedicated employees carefully handle each and every project. They take good care of your preferences and do their work according to your taste.

If you want to hire experts for the installation of your IKEA kitchen cabinets, you came to the right place! Feel free to contact us at Drakon Construction.


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