Your Trusted IKEA Kitchen Installers... Get Approximate Estimation.

Set a Budget

Kitchens vary in pricing, however, there is so much more to a kitchen renovation cost than the price of the kitchen itself. Here are key considerations:

  • Will you need new appliances?
  • Can you re-use your countertop or will you need to buy a new one
  • Do you lighting and plumbing fixtures need an upgrade?
  • Will your new kitchen need a new coat of paint
  • Backsplash, tiles and flooring – will you be replacing or keeping ‘as is’?
  • Labour costs
  • There are certain times of the year when you get can great discounts on backsplash, appliances, tiles and even kitchens. Be sure to check out IKEA sales that take place a few times a year.
A person is setting up a budget for an IKEA kitchen installation